Vocabulary Trainer

Open sourece vocabulary trainer for Windows 98 and up, written in VB.net.


Vocabulary Trainer is a program to manage and learn vocabulary of foreign languages. It enables you to enter your vocabulary that you are supposed to learn and "let Vocabulary Trainer do the rest".
It test you using the card technique where Language 1 is shown on the one side and Language 2 on the other. You can be tested visually like if you had the cards in you hands or you can test yourself by entering the vocabulary.

The answers you give will be recorded and a statistic is being created about how many times you answered word X wrong. The program currently addops the testing pattern to this information. This means words you already know won't be tested often, but words you have troubles with will be.

You can manage your vocabulary by creating categories and placing the lessons in them. This helps you keep your vocabulary files together. Vocabulary files (the file where you entered all the words in) are saved independently and can therefore be exchanged with your friends or classmates.

The program will in future have features I have never seen in other programs. Just to give an example, you will be able to enter the word and additional information separatly. You can enter special information about phonetic. At a point in the far future you will be able to enter verbs and their conjungation. And many more... All features I have missed in other programs when learning a foreign language.

To be able to run this program you must have the Microsoft .net Framework installed. You can download it at Microsofts website. You also need a special font (Ipa-sams Uclphon1 SILSophiaL) for the phonetic feature which you can find at: http://www.phon.ucl.ac.uk/home/wells/fonts.htm

If you are interested in helping the project, feel free to contact me. We need everybody we can find, from developer over artist (for some neat graphics and icons) to doc writers. Contace me via the sourceforge.net platform.